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Point of Sale

Axle includes a powerful Point of Sale module offering all traditional POS features. The POS fits with any retailer who has either a simple sales operation or who has complex processes including multiple sales and service components. The solution offers real-time transactions for, franchised or owned stores and provides store resilience for retail operations ranging from 10 plus stores including multichain operations, both national and international.

Included in the standard offering:

  • Multi-brands, multi-company, multi-lingual
  • Multi-configurable
  • Multi-currency
  • Stock control
  • Quotations
  • Customer relationship/loyalty programs
  • Customer accounts
  • Lay-byes
  • Cash Management

Axle Control Solutions

Axle Inventory Control, a South African development, has been in operation since 1999 and is focused on developing, testing and supporting enterprise software for the retail, wholesale and distribution industries.

Axle Inventory Control is an enterprise application software for businesses ranging from single-site to multi-national corporations. Axle Inventory Control helps people and enterprises run their businesses more efficiently, providing insight into their business data, by turning it into meaningful information, and empowering people with tools and methodologies to better manage and understand their business.

What Makes Axle Control different

  • Axle is a complete merchandising system including an in-store PoS solution geared towards the professional Retailer wanting to implement a cost effective solution that is focused on the retail and distribution market. A solution that goes beyond “inventory control” with all important aspects such as merchandising, distribution, warehousing, analytics and PoS.
  • Axle offers a streamlined system, which is easy to implement, easy to use and less expensive than many other systems to maintain.
  • Implementation is fast, methodical based on good design practices and ultimately offers a fast turnaround from purchase to deployment.
  • Axle Inventory Control distinguishes itself with the speed and quality of information it delivers.

End2End Retail

End2End Retail Technology Solutions is focused on delivering software solutions to support the multi-store and multi-chain retail, wholesale and distribution industries.

Our Mission

To gain trust and long term partnerships with our customers by supplying reliable and effective software solutions including Merchandising, Financials, PoS and Analytics; to enable them to run efficient and profitable businesses.
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